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Dr Robert French The Teacher as Container of Anxiety: Psychoanalysis and the Role of Teacher (1997) Journal of Management Education

Dr Robert French Dr Peter Simpson The ‘work group’: Redressing the balance in Bion’s Experiences in Groups (2010) Human Relations

Lynn Froggett Ellen Ramvi Linda Davies Thinking from Experience in Psychosocial Practice: Reclaiming and Teaching ‘Use of Self’ (2015) Journal of Social Work Practice: Psychotherapeutic Approaches in Health, Welfare and the Community

Dr Peter Simpson Dr Robert French Thoughtful leadership: Lessons from Bion (2005) Organisational and Social Dynamics

Eisold, K. Toward a psychoanalytic politics (2003) ournal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Supplement

Diamond, M. A. Treating the Parataxic Organization: An Example of Intervention Strategy (1992) Administration & Society

Hirschhorn, L., & Krantz, J. Unconscious Planning in Natural Work Groups (1982) Human Relations

Eisold, K. Using Bion (2005) Psychoanalytic Psychology

Sievers, B. Verrat, Rache und Zynismus in Organisationen (2006) Forum Supervision

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