Siege against social bond and epoch subjectivities: A transdisciplinary perspective

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Title: Siege against social bond and epoch subjectivities: A transdisciplinary perspective
Year: 2014
Authors: Dr. Ana Maria Fernandez

This presentation discusses the dilemmas of developing transdisciplinary criteria for both building up working teams and the hard task of concept formation. This is not an easy job. Among the several complexities, it is relevant to highlight from the start how critically questioned are our individual and collective processes of mono-disciplinary definitions.

This does not pretend the effacement of classical demarcations, but to foster within working teams inquiry processes that allow reviewing our frames of reference in order to avoid the risk of psychological reductionisms, social orthopedics, Eurocentric perspectives, etc.

From these conceptual perspectives and methodological cautions, in this presentation some questions will be open regarding the problem of trust and its relationships with modalities of com-position and decom-position of affective, institutional and social bonds in the epoch subjectivities.

Keywords: Trust, Social Bonds, Subjectivity, Psychoanalytic, Team Formation, Transdisciplinary
Language: Spanish

Date: 06/13/2014
Location: Santiago, Chile
Name of Event/Conference: 2014 ISPSO Annual Conference
Sponsoring Organization: ISPSO

Submitted by:
Ernest Fruge
Corresponding author:

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