'Hate your neighbour as you hate yourself' - prejudice and the psycho-politics of divisiveness.

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Title: 'Hate your neighbour as you hate yourself': prejudice and the psycho-politics of divisiveness.
Year: 2007
Authors: Shafer, A. T.

The critical issue is: why, since we clamour for harmony, do we repeatedly or continuously even, fail to heal the ruptures that divide us? Or, to put it differently, why do we continue to bring about and sustain such fractures?

I will argue that prejudice is intrinsic to human nature ' for the individual as well as for groups.

I will suggest too that the injunction to 'love your neighbour' persists less because it is a valued principle in its own right, and more because we have to work hard against our capacity for hatred and against prejudice, one of its tributaries.

Keywords: prejudice, hatred, divisiveness, politics
Language: English

Date: 5/27/2007
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Name of Event/Conference: Invited public event
Sponsoring Organization: Anti-Defamation Committee of the Bnai Brith, Melbourne

Submitted by:
Allan Shafer

Corresponding author:

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