Containing function in an adolescent hospital inpatient unit

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Title: Containing function in an adolescent hospital inpatient unit: working through the theme in a socio-analytical setting
Year: 2015
Authors: Emily Cottingham Remy Barbe NoƩmie Cuissart de Grelle

The authors present their work within a psychiatric institution trying to induce new thinking patterns through a socio-analytical setting with a theme that is difficult to mentalize: The containing function. The idea of a onetime socio-analytical workshop to trigger such thoughts in order to make way for toxic emotions to be released will be discussed.

Keywords: SPM, Socioanalysis, Containing function, mental health profesionnals
Language: English

Date: 06/12/2015
Location: Rome, Italy
Name of Event/Conference: ISPSO 2015 Annual Symposium
Sponsoring Organization: ISPSO

Submitted by:
Ross Hazeldine
Corresponding author: Emily Cottingham

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