Membership / Profile

Do I have to pay to access the content on the ISPSO Library?1
Do I have to be a member of ISPSO to access the ISPSO Library?2
Why should I be a member of ISPSO?3
How do I become a member of ISPSO?4
I'm not sure if I'm a member or not. How can I find out?

Browsing the ISPSO Library

How do I sort through the materials in the ISPSO Library?6
How do I perform a general search?7
How do I search for a particular author, title, subject or term?8
How do I use tags?9

Submitting Material to the ISPSO Library

Can anyone submit material to the ISPSO Library?10
Do I have to be a member of the ISPSO to submit material to the ISPSO Library?11
How do I submit material to the ISPSO Library?12
Who accepts or rejects the material I have submitted?13
How will I know that the ISPSO Library Review Committee has received my submission?14
How long does it take for notification that my material has been reviewed?15
How long does it take for my material to appear on the ISPSO Library website if it is accepted?16
What happens if my submission is not accepted into the Library?17


What is the ISPSO?18
How can I join the ISPSO?19

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