Organizational Role Analysis and Consultation: The organization as inner object

Edited Book Chapter

Title: Organizational Role Analysis and Consultation: The organization as inner object
Year: 2006
Author Sievers, B., & Beumer, U.

This chapter presents and explains Organizational Role Analysis as a concept of psychoanalytically oriented individual consultancy. Role consultation examines the complex interactive processes between the person and the organization in the context of professional role. A case study is used to illustrate and elucidate the concept. In individual consultancy, the organization is understood as an inner object, awareness of which can help the client to better understand his or her professional role and to differentiate between fantasy, reality and illusion.

Keywords: Organizational Role Analysis, Coaching, inner object
Language: English

Publisher: Karnac
Publisher Location: London
Editors: John Newton, Susan Long and Burkard Sievers
Title of Book: Coaching-in-Depth: The Organizational Role Analysis Approach
Start page: 65
End page: 81

Submitted by:
Burkard Sievers

Corresponding author:

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