Working Below the Surface: The Emotional Life of Contemporary Organizations

Edited Book

Title: Working Below the Surface: The Emotional Life of Contemporary Organizations
Year: 2004
Authors Huffington, C., Armstrong, D., Halton, W., Hoyle, L., & Pooley, J.

The chapters contributed to this book have been written by the staff and associates of the Tavistock Consultancy Service, whose distinctive competence is in the human dimension of the enterprise and the dynamics of the workplace. The intention is to identify and explore some of the key themes that have emerged, such as the emotional world of the organization and the dynamics of resistance to change, and how these affect and influence the understanding of leadership and management in contemporary organizations. No attempt is made to reach a consensus, but rather to raise and map out a territory of continuing question and debate. This book is part of the Tavistock Clinic Series published by Karnac Books.

Keywords: Human dimension, dynamics of the workplace, emotional life of the organisation, contemporary organisations, leadership and management.
Language: English

Publisher: karnac
Publisher Location: London
ISBN: 9781855752948
Editors: Clare Huffington, David Armstrong, William Halton, Linda Hoyle and Jane Pooley

Submitted by:
Clare Huffington

Corresponding author:

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