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Boxer, P. Developing the Quality of Judgement (1978) Personnel Review

Boxer, P. Designing Simulators for Strategic Manager (1979) Journal of Management Studies

Mannie Sher Dorothy Tonak Sharing Clinical Responsibility (1979) Probation Journal

Hirschhorn, L., & Krantz, J. Unconscious Planning in Natural Work Groups (1982) Human Relations

Diamond, M. A., & Allcorn, S. Psychological Barriers to Personal Responsibility (1984) Organizational Dynamics

Eisold, K. Recovering Bion's contributions to group analysis (1985) The American Journal of Psychoanalysis

Krantz, J., Doughty, R., Rotbart, H., & Nelson, W. Developmental Processes of Residency Education (1985) American Journal of Diseases of Children

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