Social Dream-Drawing: "Drawing brings the inside out."

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Title: Social Dream-Drawing: "Drawing brings the inside out."
Year: 2012
Authors Mersky, R. R.

Social Dream-Drawing is a socioanalytic methodology designed to illuminate unconscious issues in organizations and systems. This methodology is based on the theoretical formulation that dreaming is a form of unconscious thinking and that dreams have not only a personal resonance, but can also be expressions of the social unconscious. These concepts were pioneered by Gordon Lawrence, in his development of Social Dreaming. Participants bring drawings of recent dreams to each session. These drawings provide a physical representation of the original illusive and often fantastic dream images, which can often be more resonant and closer to the original unconscious source than verbal tellings. Using a theme, such as "What do I risk in my work", participants in this methodology freely associate to the drawings and offer amplifications, i.e. parallel events in the world at large, such as political or artistic activities, that are activated by the drawing. This combination of internal processes of free association with the external context brings the unconscious thinking alive. A shift to a reflective element allows for thinking applied to the theme and for a deeper insight into current organizational reality.

Keywords: dreaming, drawing, social unconscious, methodology, Socio-Analytical, thinking, unthought known
Language: English

Publisher: Karnac
Publisher Location: London
Title of Book: Socioanalytic Methods: Discovering the hidden in organisations
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Rose Redding Mersky

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