An inversion of power: an analysis of the British riots of 2011

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Title: An inversion of power: an analysis of the British riots of 2011
Year: 2013
Authors Schwartz, H. Liefooghe, A.

The response of the British cultural institutions to the riots of August 2011 was that they were caused by British society. This accusation antedated the riots and provided an ideological framework for them. Civilization requires that aggression either be repressed, by being turned into guilt, or suppressed by legitimized power. Holding the society guilty leaves room for the outward expression of aggression, in this case on the part of the rioters. The police hesitated to suppress the riots because they had been required to turn their aggression inward, as guilt, regarding matters of race. The roots of this are explored through analysis of the finding of "institutional racism" by the Macpherson inquiry into the police treatment of the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Keywords: Political correctness, British riots, Macpherson Inquiry, institutional racism, police
Language: English

Publisher: Karnac
Publisher Location: London
Title of Book: Chapter Nine of Psychoanalytic Essays on Power and Vulnerability, edited by Halina Bruning
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Submitted by:
Prof Howard Schwartz
Emeritus Professor
Oakland University
Corresponding author: Prof Howard Schwartz

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