Intimacy And Detachment - Working Relationships In A Temporary Institution

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Title: Intimacy And Detachment - Working Relationships In A Temporary Institution
Year: 2012
Authors Angela Eden David Sierra Lazano

Professional relationships are built in a specific setting, in a work environment. On Group Relations events, the connection is defined by the temporary nature of the institution, and effects on the speed and intensity of the interactions. The experience of a closed and often intense series of events alters the time and space boundaries. People develop a new way of relating that is both close, and attenuated in the same environment

This chapter will address the influences on those relationships. It will consider the degree of working intimacy that develops in GR events , and make a link to professional relationships in project teams within working organisations .There are connections to theories .e.g. attachment and child development about loss and change . These will add another perspective on Belgirate and the work in both temporary and permanent Institutions.

Keywords: intimacy , working groups , defences , relatedness
Language: English

Publisher: Karnac
Publisher Location:
Title of Book: Group Relations Conferences Volume III
Start page: 187
End page: 197

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Angela Eden

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