The Unconscious Life of Organizations: Interpreting Organizational Identity


Title: The Unconscious Life of Organizations: Interpreting Organizational Identity
Year: 1993
Authors: Diamond, M. A.

This book offers a contemporary psychodynamic view of organizational life. Michael Diamond stresses the unconscious dimensions of hierarchic and other work relationships in organizations. From these relationships, he argues, come not only organizational cultures but also organizational identities. The book transcends the common technical rational approach to organizational behavior by isolating and then analyzing the nonrational side of organizational experience. Diamond illustrates how different characteristics of organizational life emerge from the dynamics of shared and projected emotions between leaders and followers, managers and subordinates, and among workers. The author suggests that these complementary unconscious feelings anchor the definition of organizational membership in interpersonal relationships at work. The result is, what he calls, the emotionally grounded structure of organizations—the organizational identity.

Keywords: organizational culture, organizational identity, countertransference, unconscious
Language: English

Publisher: Quorum Books, Greenwood Publishing Group
Publisher Location: Westport, CT
ISBN: 9780899308333

Submitted by:
Michael Diamond

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