Managing People During Stressful Times: The Psychologically Defensive Workplace


Title: Managing People During Stressful Times: The Psychologically Defensive Workplace
Year: 1997
Authors: Allcorn, S. Diamond, M. A.

Allcorn and Diamond argue that the workplace has become ever more threatening to employees, and that they respond by creating psychological defenses that make the workplace ever more dysfunctional. To keep organizations competitive and sustain the value of their stock, management demands constant improvements in their employees' performance, but often the result is just the opposite of what management wants. Allcorn and Diamond explore this process in depth, and introduce a comprehensive and internally consistent, psychologically informed model of human development and behavior, one that explains for the first time the nature of the psychologically defensive workplace. In doing so, they challenge readers to think systematically about the psychological side of the workplace and to understand the importance of dealing effectively with employee defensiveness. The result is an authoritative study with valuable lessons and immediate benefits for corporate executives, and for scholars and researchers in organizational behavior in the academic community.

Keywords: workplace, defensiveness, psychoanalytic, organizational behavior
Language: English

Publisher: Quorum Books, Greenwood Publishing Group
Publisher Location: Westport, CT
ISBN: 978-1-56720-082-9

Submitted by:
Michael Diamond
Professor and Associate Director for Academic Programs, Director, Center for the Study of Organizational Change
Harry S Truman School of Public Affairs, University of Missouri

Corresponding author: Michael Diamond

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