List by Author-Book

Dr Robert French Professor Russ Vince Group Relations, Management, and Organization (1999) Oxford University Press

Huffington, C., Armstrong, D., Halton, W., Hoyle, L., & Pooley, J. Working Below the Surface: The Emotional Life of Contemporary Organizations (2004) karnac

Huffington, C., & Campbell, D. Organizations Connected: A Handbook of Systemic Consultation (2008) Karnac

Huffington, C., Campbell, D., & Draper, R. A Systemic Approach to Consultation (1991) karnac

Huffington, C., Campbell, D., & Draper, R. Teaching Systemic Thinking (1992) Karnac

Huffington, C., Cole, C., & Brunning, H. A Manual of Organizational Development: The Psychology of Change (1997) Karnac

Kets de Vries , M. F. Lessons on Leadership by Terror: Finding a Shaka Zulu in the Attic (2005) Edward Elgar

Kets de Vries, M. F. Struggling with the Demon: Perspectives on Individual and Organizational Irrationality (2001) International Universities Press, Madison, Connecticut

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