In which the Tavistock Paradigm is considered as a discursive practice

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Title: In which the Tavistock Paradigm is considered as a discursive practice
Year: 2000
Authors: Palmer, B.

This paper was first written as a vehicle by which members of the Working Group on Groups and Organisations (GOWG) could get to grips with some of Foucault's concepts, and with Philip Boxer's reading of Foucault in one of his papers about organisation. It also has a personal focus, in enabling me to examine critically the presuppositions which shape my own professional work and, I believe, limit its penetration into the kind of situations I am asked to address. I am aware that some readers may not know much about the Tavistock's work. I shall probably not succeed in taking full account of that. For a brief history of the Tavistock Clinic and Institute, I recommend James Mosse's summary

Keywords: discursive practice, fantasy, objects, strategies
Language: English

Journal: Journal of Organisational and Social Dynamics
Volume: 1
Issue: 1
Start page: 8
End page: 20
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Submitted by:
Philip John Boxer

Corresponding author:

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