Using Bion

Journal Article or Monograph

Title: Using Bion
Year: 2005
Authors: Eisold, K.

This article attempts to restore a dialogue that has been made difficult to conduct as a result of Bion's role as an established authority on groups and on thinking. Whereas his theory of "basic assumptions" presumes a fundamental level of group motivation, existing below social and interpersonal interactions, the work of Alderfer calls attention to the profound importance of "identity groups" in charting group behavior, and the work of Agazarian notes the fluid formations of "subgroups". Similarly, Bion's theory of thinking appears rooted in biological processes beneath social interaction. Hamilton calls attention to the elements of ambiguity and play, stressed by Winnicott. Cavell, furthermore, notes the role of relationships and triangulation in the development of judgment, fundamental to thinking, a role stressed in current philosophy as well as infant-mother research. In both cases, Bion's theories are seen to neglect the role of interpersonal and social relationships in shaping behavior.

Keywords: Bio, Groups, Motivation, Alderfer, Identity Groups, Agazarian, Subgroups, Thinking, Hamilton, Winnitcott, Cavell, Judgment, Interpersonal Relationships, Social Relationships, Behavior
Language: English

Journal: Psychoanalytic Psychology
Volume: 22
Issue: 3
Start page: 357
End page: 369
Publisher ID:

Submitted by:
Anne C. Fruge
Faculty and Supervisor
The William Alanson White Institute

Corresponding author: Kenneth Eisold

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