Treating the Parataxic Organization: An Example of Intervention Strategy

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Title: Treating the Parataxic Organization: An Example of Intervention Strategy
Year: 1992
Authors: Diamond, M. A.

This article explores the psychodynamics of language and communication in organizational change efforts. The author presents a case example of an intervention from his consulting work that describes the linkages among dialectic skills, childhood development, unconscious interpersonal and group phenomena, and the consultant's use of language. The author suggests that the participants' adroitness in communicating emotions in a group setting is a crucial factor in organizational change. He attempts to show, in theory and practice, why that is true, what the interventionist/consultant needs to know in this regard, and how positive steps may be taken to facilitate change.

Keywords: communication, psychodynamics, organizational change, group relations, consulting
Language: English

Journal: Administration & Society
Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Start page: 61
End page: 80
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Submitted by:
Michael Diamond

Corresponding author:

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