Toward a psychoanalytic politics

Journal Article or Monograph

Title: Toward a psychoanalytic politics
Year: 2003
Authors: Eisold, K.

This review makes the point that politics assumes the existence of a polity, an organized political entity, but the underlying problem in the field of psychoanalysis is that there is no such coherent entity. It surveys the contents of a special issue of The Journal of the American Psychoananlytic Association, the bulk of which respond to Arnold Richards' "Plea for a Measure of Humility". Two additional papers, by Levine and Hirsch, address unconscious aspects of training and theoretical orientation that affect not only our communication with patients but also with each other. The second group of papers included in this issue consists, for the most part, of plenary addresses given at the American Psychoanalytic Association over the past three years, and they represent direct attempts to confront problems in the profession. If the first group addresses the problem internal to psychoanalysis of what Richards calls the 'politics of exclusion', this second group looks outside those politics to the role of psychoanalysis in the larger world.

Keywords: Politics of exclusion, Psychoanalytic schisms
Language: English

Journal: ournal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, Supplement
Volume: Supplement
Issue: 00
Start page: 301
End page: 321
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Submitted by:
Anne C. Fruge
Faculty and Supervisor
The William Alanson White Institute

Corresponding author: Kenneth Eisld

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