Sideways: Hysteria in Wine Country.

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Title: Sideways: Hysteria in Wine Country.
Year: 2006
Authors: Hoffman, T.

The film, Sideways, has been critically acclaimed for its screenplay, cinematography,
and acting. Criticism from some quarters centered on the implausibility
of the story, notably regarding the attractiveness of the two male lead roles
to the two female supporting characters. Miles, the schoolteacher/writer, represents
an individual with the hysterical (shy, effeminate, “foppish”) subtype of
histrionic personality disorder; and Jack, the actor, depicts the histrionic (hypermasculine,
“Don Juan”) subtype. Similarly, Stephanie, the barmaid, and Maya,
the waitress/student, may be seen as even more polar representations along the
spectrum of the female hysteric. These characters were blocked in various stages
of psychosexual development, most notably seen in the adolescent behaviors of
Miles and Jack. The wine country setting, the exposition of wine culture, and
associated bacchanalian drama juxtaposed to developmental metaphors lend
texture and depth to the superficial, comedic aspects of the film.

Keywords: Hysteria, Histrionic Personality, Psychosexual Development, Male adolescence, Wine, Cinema
Language: English

Journal: Psychoanalytic Psychology
Volume: 23
Issue: 4
Start page: 667
End page: 674
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