Participation as a Collusive Quarrel

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Title: Participation as a Collusive Quarrel
Year: 1996
Authors: Sievers, B.

The following article has its basis in the respective
chapter of my book entitled Work, Death,
and Life Itself (Sievers, 1994). In the present article
I intend to elaborate the working hypothesis
that the attempt to increase and extend participation
in contemporary work enterprises can be
understood more than ever before as a collusive
quarrel between managers and workers about
immortality. The quarrel has its roots in the widespread
experience of the discrepancy between the
vigour with which participation in organisations
is demanded and offered on the one hand and the
inadequacy and limitations of its actual realisation
on the other. Attempts to increase participation in
a work enterprise are often confronted at an early
stage with insoluble difficulties which too often
lead to termination of the participation project.
Although participation in general, and in work
enterprises in particular, is generally seen as a
paradigm (or metaphor) for integration, co-operation
and democratisation among more or less
equal partners, I propose the hypothesis that any
attempt to practice participation will most probably
lead to a situation in which management and
workers get entangled in a collusive quarrel concerning

Keywords: Participation, mortality, immortality, quarrel, manager, worker, organization
Language: English

Journal: Ethical Perspectives
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Start page: 128
End page: 136
Publisher ID:

Submitted by:
Burkard Sievers

Corresponding author:

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