From “Learning Organization” to “Teaching-Learning Organization”?

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Title: From “Learning Organization” to “Teaching-Learning Organization”?
Year: 1996
Authors: Dr Robert French Mr John Bazalgette

The influence of the idea of learning as a fundamental organizational process has been remarkable, as has the speed of its development and spread. 'Organizational Learning' and 'the Learning Organization' are well established in the literature on organizations and increasingly in use within organizations too. They offer important insights for all those involved in work with organizations and their management. The questions raised in this paper, however, concern the 'other side' of learning, as a human activity, namely: teaching. We argue that all organizations include experiences and activities which can be described as 'teaching' and 'learning', but that despite being as intrinsic to and as firmly embedded in organization as learning, teaching has been ignored as an organizational process and needs attention in its own right, if the picture is to be complete - hence the title of this paper.

Keywords: teaching, learning, learning organization
Language: English

Journal: Management Learning
Volume: 27
Issue: 1
Start page: 113
End page:
Publisher ID:

Submitted by:
Dr Robert French
Corresponding author: Dr Robert French

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