Contemporary Methodologies to Surface and Act on Unconscious Dynamics in Organisations

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Title: Contemporary Methodologies to Surface and Act on Unconscious Dynamics in Organisations: an Exploration of Design, Facilitation Capacities, Consultant Paradigm and Ultimate Value
Year: 2012
Authors: Mersky, R. R.

Organisational Role Analysis, Social Dreaming, Social Photo-Matrix, and

Social Dream-Drawing are four examples of a growing number of methodologies

that are being developed and used internationally. While used in

different ways in different contexts, what they all have in common is the

intent to access a group's unconscious thinking, whether related to a preidentified

theme or a particular organisational or social issue. This body of

methodologies makes use of a third object created by participants, such as

a drawing, a dream, or a photo.

In this paper, I am presenting three conceptual frames:

1. An overreaching way of thinking about the design of these methodologies

and the role of those who host or lead them. My main question is:

what are the necessary and appropriate design elements and facilitation

capacities for methodologies that seek to uncover and make sense of

unconscious processes in organisations?

2. A theoretical argument for the fundamental value of these methodologies

to organisations.

3. A suggested new paradigm for the role of consultant in bringing these

methodologies to organisations.

In order to familiarise the reader who has not yet experienced any of these

methodologies, I will first briefly describe four of them and give an example

of their use in a system. I will follow that by an explication of the theoretical

underpinnings of my suggestions for their facilitation and structure,

which will be illuminated in a series of charts. I conclude by describing how

I think these methodologies can help organisations.

Keywords: associative unconscious, Organisational Role Analysis, Social Dreaming, Social Photo-Matrix, Social Dream-Drawing, unthought known, Bion, thinking, organisational consultation, containment, free association, amplification.
Language: English

Journal: Organisational & Social Dynamics
Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Start page: 19
End page: 43
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Submitted by:
Rose Redding Mersky

Corresponding author:

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