Book Review. Object Relations, Work, and Self, by David Levine.

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Title: Book Review. Object Relations, Work, and Self, by David Levine.
Year: 2011
Authors: Hoffman, T.

I was pleased, intrigued, and excited when I received Object Relations, Work and the Self for review. This topic is right up my alley as a "psychoanalytic" organizational consultant, so this was a way to assure that I'd actually read what appeared to be an important book. I hoped that the experience would cement my understanding of object relations theory generally, and allow extending organizational theory in the direction of using more of the self in practice. I also imagined it might fulfill a long-time wish for a text catering to beginning practitioners, some of whom might not be well versed in object relations theory. David Levine is well qualified to write this book. He is a member of the International Society for the Psychoanalytic Study of Organizations and has published a number of related books and numerous articles in the field. He is a prominent teacher in a well-respected graduate program in International Studies at the University of Denver.

Keywords: Object Relations, Psychoanalysis, Organizational Consultation
Language: English

Journal: Canadian J. Psychoanalysis
Volume: 19
Issue: n/a
Start page: 201
End page: 204
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Submitted by:
Thomas Hoffman

Corresponding author:

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