Applications of the Tavistock Group Relations Model in Community Mental Health and Protective Service Systems

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Title: Applications of the Tavistock Group Relations Model in Community Mental Health and Protective Service Systems
Year: 1995
Authors: Frugé, E., & Adams, C.

This paper describes the utility of the Tavistock approach to understanding group and organizational behavior in two community service settings. It is the authors' opinion that the core principal of the Tavistock Model is the examination of behavior (including thought and emotion) from a systemic or "group-as-whole" perspective. Pragmatically, this means that the behaviors of individuals or groups are interpreted as representing the group or organizational contexts of the individual or group being examined. The Tavistock Model is, in essence, an approach to data analysis and does not presuppose specific methods of intervention. Derivatives of the Tavistock Model have been justifiably criticized when applied as methods of treatment. We have found, however, that the systemic perspective on groups offered by he Tavistock Model suggests possibilities of intervention or, conversely, prudent restraint from action not afforded by other perspectives. The Tavistock approach is exceptionally useful in explaining what interferes with well designed, well intended efforts to help children and adolescents with serious behavioral, emotional and familial problems. (The full text of this article is available for free on the journal's website - see below).

Keywords: Group Relations, Tavistock, Child, Protective Services, Community, Mental Health, Consultation
Language: English

Journal: Residential Treatment for Children and Youth
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Start page: 29
End page: 54
Publisher ID:

Submitted by:
Ernest Frugé

Corresponding author:

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