The ISPSO Library is intended to serve as a central repository of literature that has been written or created by ISPSO members. The goal is to provide easy access to publications, papers, abstracts, work-in-progress, bibliographic information, links to videos, PowerPoint presentations and other types of materials that members may find useful.
Several objectives have guided ISPSO in developing and offering this resource. Among them:
· Strengthening ISPSO as a professional community of thinkers, writers, readers and practitioners;
· Increasing awareness of the relevance of psychoanalytic thinking to the understanding of organizations; and
· Providing a meaningful exposure to and links with ISPSO, its members, and our work.
The database has been designed with flexibility in mind so that members can enter information about their work in a wide variety of formats. One key design principle is providing the ability to download papers, where copyrights permit, or to provide a URL/link to full papers. Another is to maximize accessibility. The "entrance" is designed to be as fluid and flexible as possible, including searchable access to abstracts, full papers and basic bibliographic information whenever possible, subject to authors' permission. A third is the possibility for greater exchange, collaboration and deepened thought represented by the pooling of our work and work-in-progress.
The ISPSO Library Review Committee is: Angela Eden, Martin Ringer, Ute Bock and Rob Ryan.

Contents of the library is organised under the following categories, the numbers below showing the total number of entries in each category.

Total: 701 entries

Chapter or Edited Chapter: 30 entries

Book or Edited Book: 50 entries

Article or Monograph: 187 entries

Dissertation or Thesis: 15 entries

Presentation: 394 entries

Reference List: 8 entries

Working Paper, Technical or Research Report: 6 entries

Other: 11 entries

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